Marina K.

Marina K.

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Available in some areas of Toronto, ON

$20 per hour
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Hello, My names Marina! Ive been a professional residential cleaner for over 3 years. Ive worked for companies and on my own. Either way Ive gained a lot of experience. I of course do all the general stuff and if needed any deep cleaning. I am very comfortable with laundry and ironing if it is needed. I also love animals so I have no problem with pets. I am also available to do any extra things like cooking, taking dogs for walk, picking up groceries, etc... I am extremely flexible in time and things that needed to be done. I am here for your specific needs.

I enjoy being a cleaner because I am good at it. Being a cleaner also gives me flexibility and lets me choose my hours. I also enjoy transforming a house and leaving my clients feeling satisfied.

Skills and Preferences

I like cats and dogs
I can bring cleaning products
I am able to wash interior windows
I am able to iron clothes
I am able to clean inside the fridge
I am able to wash dishes
I am able to wash and fold laundry


I am comfortable speaking in English, Croatian and Serbian.



Thx for the awesome job and good vibes. : )



Marina's expertise is the bthrms where she especially gets the bathtub & shower good & clean - to the degree I don't have time to get to myself. And while she has a routine to get to everything in the time allotted, she is open to adjusting to varying needs, i.e extra focus/clean up needed somewhere.


Top notch cleaning… she was able to focus on the area that are important to us. Very easy going friendly. Highly recommended.



Awesome job thank you!


I’m really pleased with your responsiveness to my requests and keeping me up to date on what you’re doing. Please communicate with me what you need or what would make your job easier.


Marina did a really great job.


You Rock!


Great job!


Very friendly. Did an amazing job cleaning. I happened to be home and so she asked me a few very astute questions about cleaning. I was impressed and would love to have her back.

Real Food for Real Kids

Thank you marina for your help today. You are awesome. See you in 2 weeks. 🙏


Marina did a great job today!



Thank you Marina. You did a good job but certain regular items were missed like cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave and making the beds.



I'm surprised by how little was done for the amount of time there was. Typically when a cleaner comes in standard stuff like floors vacuumed and stovetop cleaned are done before stuff like the fridge.


Thanks for a thorough job!


Marina is fantastic! Our house is super clean and she was very sweet with our dog. Thanks so much Marina.


Thank you for doing a great job!


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